MyBro is holding a 10 000 USDT trading competition!

The prize pool will be distributed between 10 participants, who will make the biggest profit!

General provision

  1. To participate, a Client needs to fulfil the following conditions:
  2. Participants are allowed to deposit their LiveAccounts and use any of MyBro Bonuses during the competition;
  3. Withdrawals from the Live Accounts that participate in the competition will be unavailable until the end of the competition;
  4. 10 participants who will increase their initial balance (in percentage ratio of the initial balance present at the start of the competition) will win;
  5. Only trades made on crypto-pairs are taken into account. Trading on Forex, Metals, or CFDs on Stocks is not included when calculating the requirements of the contest;
  6. The competition starts at 14:00 (UTC) September 19 and ends at 14:00 (UTC) September 26.

The prize fund, and distributing prizes among winners

1. The total prize fund is 10 000 USDT;

2. How prizes are distributed among winners:

3. The prize can be used in trading and/or withdrawn without limitations.

  • Please note that the essential condition of the promotion is MyBro's right to deny Client's participation without prior notice.
  • The Company has the right to write off the previously issued Prize and profits earned on it, as well as revoke the positions opened with the use of Prize funds without giving any reasons and/or advance notice;
  • The Client can refuse the Prize at any given time by contacting the Support Team via chat or email.

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to reach out to us!