MyBro gives a 20 USDT bonus to CEX.IO Clients!

Here's how you can get a 20 USDT bonus!

  1. Register with MyBro;
  2. Open a Live account;
  3. Let our team know that you came from CEX.IO;
  4. Get 20 USDT to your Live account and start trading right away!

The program conditions

General provisions

  1. The Bonus is available only to CEX.IO Clients who have addressed our Support Team and said "hi, bro" in the chat and also opened a USDT-based Live Account.
  2. The Bonus sum of 20 USDT cannot be withdrawn until the full processing of the Bonus or its cancellation.
  3. The Company has the right to write off the previously issued Bonus and profits earned on it, as well as revoke the positions opened with the use of Bonus funds without giving any reasons and/or advance notice;
  4. The Company reserves the right to deny the Client form receiving the Bonus at any time without any given reason.

Working with the Bonus

  1. The Bonus can be used in “drawdown”;
  2. The Client can withdraw their profit without limitations;
  3. The Bonus is available within 7 days from its receipt;
  4. When the 7 days are up, the Bonus (or its remaining part) will be written off from the Client’s Live account;
  5. If a Client makes a deposit to a Live Account with an active "MyBro 20 USDT Bonus", the Bonus duration will be extended;
  6. The Client has to make a trading volume of $150k or more (in total) on cryptocurrencies to be able to withdraw the Bonus;
  7. The Client's own funds (including the Client's fixed profit) are used in a drawdown first;
  8. This Bonus cannot be combined with other Promos and Bonuses as long as it is active on the Live Account.

Funds withdrawal from the account with the active Bonus

  1. Until the requirements for the trading volume are fulfilled, the deposited funds are blocked on the account;
  2. When 7 calendar days have passed since the Bonus was received, the Client can withdraw the Profit made with Bonus funds*;
  3. Until the requirements for the trading volume are fulfilled, the Client can withdraw from the account only the available profit and sum over 20 USDT, calculated by the following formula:
  4. Funds_available_for_withdrawal = Free_Margin - 20 USDT
  5. If the Client has fulfilled the required trading volume, the Bonus sum of 20 USDT will be unlocked. The Client should contact the Support Team via chat or email to unlock them;
  6. The Client can refuse the Bonus at any given time by contacting the Support Team via chat or email;
  7. In the above-mentioned case, the total Bonus sum or the remaining part of it will be written off from the Client’s Account;
  8. In case of Bonus cancellation or funds withdrawal, the Client shall be solely responsible for maintaining the necessary Margin Level if there are open positions on the account.

* This applies to all Clients who have received the Bonus after 01/10/2023.

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to reach out to us!