How can I withdraw funds from my account?

Here is how you can withdraw funds on MyBro:

  1. Click on the Withdraw funds button in your Profile;
  2. Choose the account from which you want to withdraw;
  3. Select the network. Make sure that the network corresponds to the wallet you used;
  4. Enter amount;
  5. Enter your wallet address;
  6. Recheck if the network, amount, and wallet address are indicated correctly and click “Confirm”;
  7. Enter the confirmation code and click “Confirm”.

All withdrawal transactions is passing three steps before you will get it to your wallet:

  1. You create a withdrawal and confirm it in your Account.
  2. Our team receives your request and processes it for up to 2 working days.
  3. After processing from our side, transaction will appear on the blockchain, you can find it using the Transaction ID. It will take some time to receive all the confirmations and be credited to your wallet.

When your withdrawal is processed by our team, you can check its status by using the Transaction ID, which will be indicated in the confirmation email. The processing time of your transaction in the blockchain depends on the number of confirmations, transfer amount, and network congestion of the blockchain.

Always double-check if all information is indicated correctly since a crypto transaction cannot be reversed. MyBro team cares about your funds, but if your withdrawal has received at least one confirmation, it cannot be canceled or returned.